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Please consider making a donation to the server fund if you value Britmodeller as a service, as it's the members that make it happen. Every donation will get a gold bar and a few tweaks to your forum abilities as a thank you.

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We pride ourselves on our friendly and open atmosphere, which for the most part is thanks to the majority of members. We are actively anti-bullying, and deal with bullies and trolls harshly to maintain this pleasant atmosphere.

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Britmodeller Needs You

Welcome... To the website, a modelling resource with a slightly British slant, which we hope you'll find refreshing.

It's a site for grown-up modellers of all ages and abilities, and we pride ourselves on the welcome that we give new members to our group. It's important to us that our hobby remains fun... it's supposed to be for relaxation afterall!

Welcome to the Site

Britmodeller has upgraded to the latest version of our forum software, which will eventually give us the capability to turn our home page into a fully-functional portal for the forum, allowing one-stop access to the latest content, reviews and such like, but as we've only just completed the move to the new software, we've taken the old tired page down as it was hideously out of date.

We are primarily a community, and everything happens in the forum, so this front page is really just a jumping off point for new members, so we want to make it interesting. In due course. Yes, you've heard that one before, but that's the plan. bear with us while we learn the ropes and we should be able to follow through with our promises.

in the meantime, there is such a lot of content to discover, so you really should get going!

Reviews - visit the huge review section where we analyse all the latest releases, show you what's in the box, and give you plenty of temptation to buy just one more kit! it's not just kits either. We review aftermarket, reference material, decals etc., so have a look. It's all separated between the genres, so if you're looking for something specific you should be able to find it.

Walkarounds - We have thousands (literally) of photos of aircraft, tanks, even ships from some really useful angles that will be helpful if you are struggling to find the right colour, or a photo from the right angle for your current project. Museums from around the world have been snapped, as well as in-service machines both military and civil.

Forum - There is a massive repository of useful information held within around 2 million posts, and our membership are incredibly knowledgable, with a great probability that someone will be willing and able to answer your query, usually pretty quickly too.

Buy/Sell - We encourage trade between members to save them money in fees from famous auction sites, and after you've completed a 100 post probationary period you'll be able to buy, sell and trade your private stash with other members with no fees from britmodeller.

Tips, tricks and help - We're pretty helpful to modellers that have questions about how to perform any task in this massive hobby of ours. Whether it's a simple question about using your airbrush for the first time, or a complex weathering technique, you'll always find someone to help, and no-one will sneer at you because you don't know.

Chat - talk nonsense with the membership. Banter, jokes, silliness and lots of other stuff happens in here

Suppliers - Looking for something for your hobby? Don't know where to look or who to use? We've got a huge number of supporters with their own sub-forum that will be happy to help you. From airbrushes to resin accessories and paints. The full gamut of modelling supplies!

Site Support - live support from Moderators and your fellow members, plus a collection of handy FAQ files to help you get acclimatised to the forums. You can also introduce yourself and keep up to date with announcements.

In addition there are genre specific sections that you can talk about, show your Work In Progress (WIP) and finished models in the Ready for Inpsection (RFI) sections.


So - what are you waiting for? our home page might not be the best, but the forum is great fun. Registration is simple, and once you've been validated by one of our Mods, you'll be able to join in and make Britmodeller your online modelling home.

What do we ask in return? That you are polite and respectful to your fellow members. We're a family-friendly forum too, so you know young Tarquin or D'arcy won't be learning any new and interesting phrases while s/he's browsing the site. That's it.

If you value Britmodeller as a resource, do please consider making a donation to the server fund to help keep us running. We have a powerful server providing all these great things, and it is expensive to run. Making a donation is simple from the button at the top of this page, and you don't even have to use PayPal, as it accepts cards. If you're a member, just add your User Name in the notes, and we'll add a Gold Bar to your name to show that you support us.